Monday, August 20, 2007

NASSIT To Buy OAU Village in Sierra Leone

One of the legacies of the late Siaka Stevens, the OAU Village is now up for sale by the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party government under President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah.The government has made several advances to officials of the National Social Security Scheme (NASSIT) unveiling its intention, disclosed by the Director General of NASSIT. Negotiations however, have stalled due to several reasons which include the elections and equilibrum. Mr. Edmond Koroma in an interview with this press admitted that NASSIT has held several discussions with officials of the government bothering on the sale of the OAU Village and if the two parties agreed to the terms and conditions, the village would be used for shopping centres and other business oufit. “Government gave us their price tag and we replied by giving them what we think we are capable of paying” Mr. Koroma explained. The NASSIT Chief said that they have contacted a consultant to assess the value of the village and get back to them. That notwithstanding, Mr. Edmond Koroma said that all negotiations would be done with the next government and not this one anymore.

The OAU Village, it would be recalled was built by the late Siaka Stevens during the government of the APC. The village represents the symbol of the OAU conference held in Sierra Leone during the 1980s. The village was the venue where foreign heads of states and other dignitaries resided until the conclusion of the conference.

Further, the village serves as remembrance of the late Siaka Stevens, but with not much care has been taken since the death of Siaka Stevens and the overthrown of the APC made the situation worse. The OAU village, despite its dilapidated conditions is housing a number of civil servants and individuals with political connections. Some of the villas have been bought over the years by business individuals and private people. It is not known how NASSIT would be able to retrieve some of the buildings from these individuals if the deal is materialized.

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