Sunday, July 22, 2007

Margai says he escaped SLPP Ambushes in Kailahun because…‘Margai is a Field Marshal’

Erudite Politician and Leader of the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC), Lawyer Charles Francis Margai last Wednesday 18th July 2007, launched his Party’s Manifesto during which Margai informed all that he was a "Field Marshall" who was well trained in guerilla tactics.

According to Margai, he led his convoy safely out of Kailahun District despite the fact that several ambushes were laid for him all along the route s he used to travel from Kailahun to Kenema.

Margai says that Ambassador Patrick Foyah himself led one of the ambushes around Belugu village in Kailahun but he went on to state that the manner with which Charles Margai managed to escape that ambush made the Ambassador and his SLPP colleagues realize they were dealing with a true Field Marshal in the person of Charles Margai.

Lawyer Margai also had a few choice words for the Inspector General of Police, Brima Acha Kamara whom he described as being "unfit" to lead the Sierra Leone Police. He expressed that he is totally dissatisfied that the police did not take any action when his car was allegedly attacked and damaged by SLPP supporters at Lamin Vondo Ngobeh’s compound, and that when he called on IG Kamara to rescue him, the IG told him that the Police was not officially aware of Margai’s presence in Kailahun. He promised to instill discipline into the IG and other police officers if he becomes President.

He further promised the people that when he becomes President, he will improve on

governance, rule of law and the security of the state. He promised to also strengthen the Judiciary, develop devolution exercise in the local government, increase civil society participation in the government, improve upon foreign relations and introduce financial management which he says has been lacking by the SLPP led Government. The launching itself had a large turnout of PMDC supporters all decked out in their bright orange colours as well as many other Kenema residents who were not necessarily PMDC members but who turned up for the festivities and dancing. At the rally, a young PMDC supporter named Albert Sandy was caught with a dagger in his bosom ready for attack. According to police sources, Albert says he had a dagger on him because of rumours that SLPP supporters wanted to attack their leader Margai and so he took along the dangerous weapon to defend himself and the leader. Speaking to Awareness Times, the Sierra Leone Police’s Local Unit Commander for Kenema Town, Mr. Vincent Kenie informed that intelligence reports show that many of the crowd of orange clad PMDC supporters including the arrested Albert Sandy were all imported from other regions and that most of them were in possession of knives.

Earlier, whilst addressing the crowd, Mr. Charles Margai had described the PMDC as the largest party in Sierra Leone with the largest membership that was poised to take over Sierra Leone’s Government come August 11th.