Sunday, July 22, 2007

Colonel Deported From United States For Domestic Violence

Former Resident Secretary of State, Eastern province in the National Provisional Ruling Council ex-Lt. Col. Tom Nyuma is a violent man. His has refused to part with his violent behaviour all these years in the United States of America as a security officer working in Texas.
In the United States of America, each state has its modus operandi but with similar identity. As security officer, the ex-junta Secretary of State was expected to comply with the laws of the United States of America, above all as a security officer he was not forgiven when found guilty of domestic violence.
Unfortunately, the former violent fighter thought that he was in Sierra Leone where he can commit any offence and go free with receiving the heavy hand of the law.
Family sources explained that he was in the habit of beating and pounding his wife, an offence considered criminal in the United States of America.
In addition, Tom Nyuma was allegedly roped into a case of Human Rights abuses by his colleague Komba Kambo who sources in America say applied for a Green Card. During the process of verification of documents by the Homeland Security and Naturalization Service, he was identified as one of the military officers who was involved in grave human rights abuses in Sierra Leoneans while he was serving as a member of the NPRC. “Komba called on Nyuma to testify on his behalf and got him messed up” A Sierra Leonean working at the Homeland Security explained.
Tom Nyuma was invited by the Homeland Security and Naturalization Service, without any knowledge that information about him had already been documented.
At the Naturalization office in Texas, his social security number (SSN) was fed into the system and  discovered that he has more stains of human rights abuses than Komba Kambo who had called on him to testify on his behalf. “He was not allowed to go home” Abdul Koroma who was sympathizing with him explained to this press.
“The Human Rights abuse allegation levied against Tom Nyuma is not only battery or domestic violence but has to do with the illegal killings of the late Salami Coker and others without giving them the opportunity of going through the due process of the law”. Koroma added.
While in detention, Tom Nyuma begged to be sent to Sierra Leone and not be tried in the United States of America.
It would be recalled that Tom Nyuma and others in the NPRC government were granted US visas to proceed to the United States of America after the handing-over ceremony in 1996 to pursue courses of their choice.
While in the United States, most of them decided to abandon the objective of their mission. Apart from Karefa Kargbo, Komba Kambo and Maada Bio who pursued different courses in computing and other disciplines obtained undergraduate and graduate degrees, others like Idrissa Kamara and Amara diverted their attention to something else.
According to an immigration officer stationed at the Lungi International Airport, Tom Nyuma landed on the soil of Sierra Leone some three weeks back accompanied by a United States of America Homeland officer “He was handed over to us  not in a happy mood as he was  handcuffed and released to us” The officer remarked.
Since his arrival to date he has toured almost all parts of the country in the company of Julius Maada Bio actively involved in the politics of the country.
He could not be reached in Freetown for comment; however, when caught up by standard times reporter in Kenema, Nyuma said “It is personal” and added “I am here on a visit” Most time, this has been the reply of deportees sent home.

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