Saturday, June 30, 2007

Natcom Develops Program to Improve Telecom

The National Telecommunication Commission (NATCOM) has in a press release said they are currently developing service providers, a consumer friendly programme and procedures to improve telecommunications services in the country.

NATCOM recognizes that telecommunications operators, service providers and consumers make up the stakeholder-community in the industry and that their respective concerns are legitimate and equally important in ensuring fair-play and the success of the industry.

Strategic discussions and consultations to streamline telecommunications operations in the country are underway, and the public is therefore urged to exercise patience and understanding while NATCOM consolidates its position to protect all the stakeholders and their interests.

The commission also wishes to promote fair competition among telecommunications operators and protect telecommunications and consumers from unfair conduct on the part of other operators, especially with regard to equality of services and the tariff payable in respect of those services.

The will also provide deadlines on tariffs chargeable for the provision of services and ensure universal availability of efficient, reliable, cost-effective and affordable telecommunications services throughout Sierra Leone.

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