Saturday, March 10, 2007

Foundation Hirondelle plans project in Sierra Leone

Fondation Hirondelle is developing a project of journalistic training that will be taught to the students of the Communication Dept. as well as to ten or so local journalists. They will form the editorial team of the radio station. In 6 months, the station should be able to produce 6 hours of information programming a day. It will be broadcast on FM over the air waves of the station of the U.N. in Sierra Leone. About 10 community radio stations should also retransmit this news programme. In addition, one half hour of news will be broadcast daily on SW over the entire country. Correspondents will also be trained and hired in the regions. This project, among others, fits well into the plan for professional journalistic coverage of the presidential and legislative elections planned for July 2007 in Sierra Leone. Ireland, Switzerland, Great Britain, and the European Union are the financial partners of the Fondation Hirondelle on this project." (Krone) (Source: DX Window # 318 2/23/07) Sierra Leone Broadcasting Service is currently inactive, and previously heard in 2002 on 3316 kHz. Radio Al-Koran previously operated on shortwave in English, Arabic, French and various African vernacular languages, on 9630 kHz, 1500-1900 UTC) however, may presently be inactive. Radio UNAMSIL (United Nations Assistance Mission in Sierra Leone) began broadcasting in Sierra Leone in April 2002, and following the completion of their mission, discontinued their service on 6139 kHz. (Source: Gayle Van Horn TP NC & BDXC UK)

Source: MT Shortwave Central: Foundation Hirondelle plans project in Sierra Leone