Thursday, January 11, 2007

Police Crack Down On Armed Robbers

Assistant Inspector General of Police, Richard Moigbeh Tuesday disclosed that the police have arrested nine suspected armed robbers who were terrorizing peaceful citizens nation wide.

Moigbeh made this disclosure during the weekly police press briefing at the Police Headquarters in Freetown.

He said the rate of daylight robbery is on the increase, as peaceful citizens are robbed their money and property.

"The trend of armed robbery has changed dramatically, as robbers travel from other countries to wreck havoc on our people. The Sierra Leone Police is assiduously working to ensure that these armed robbers are arrested," he said, adding that they are using robust strategies to apprehend these culprits.

Regional Police Commander Western Area, Tamba Pujeh Gbakie disclosed that the police have arrested the robbers who attacked an Indian businessman along Sanda Street.

"The suspects- Salam Pratt and Alpha Ngobeh are helping the police with their investigations," Gbakie said.

In another development, armed robbers attacked Alhaji Saidu Barrie of 20 Dugan Street, Murray Town. He was robbed US$12,500, 2,500 pound starlings, 400,000 Swiss Franc, Le300,000 and a mobile phone value Le 700,000.

Alhaji Kabbay, a resident in Kono district was also rubbed robbed $551,000.

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