Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Humble Submission of the Facts About Hon. Ernest Koroma

My fellow Sierra Leoneans. We have come a long way through thick and thin to be complacent about what our contemporary political history has taught us vis a vis our capacity to learn from mistakes connected with our immediate past. Without airing that gruesome past which as it turns out is etched on every facet of our daily lives, it is therefore incumbent in us as a nation to put aside petty partisan poly-tricks(survival patronage) and just for once put the national interest first!

I say this in good faith for a number of reasons: (a) We tend to blame others for the burgeoning economic problems we face that many of us (scratched beneath the surface) wittingly or unwittingly contributed to. We can disagree on this one but the fact is until we start thinking not just for what 'I' can benefit in the short term but rather what 'I' can do in the short term for the benefit of the long term; then we will not have exorcised the devil that plagued this land not too long ago.

(b) Our desperation tend to drive us to do things that our conscience does not agree with; but for short term gain we insulate our sense of reasoning with justification that would only rubber stamp our preferred outcome. It's OK to be critical of our leaders including Ernest Koroma. What is not OK is: Critiquing for the sake of it. When you have no clear objectives or to be precise, murky intentions, the message is lost in a maze of conflicting interests.

(c) Ernest Koroma is not beyond reproach. If there is something wanting in his person or his professional life then the public have a right to know. The only contrast here is the connection to disgraced former power broker Jamil Sahid is without merit. During that rather forgotten era of Sierra Leone political history, everyone who is anyone must rub shoulders with Jamil. To say Ernest is a disciple of Siaka Stevens is laughable. A case in point: let me go back to history. In 1977 Ernest Koroma the college graduate was not given the All Peoples Congress symbol to run as a member of parliament. Why? Nar bor-bor (not old enough). To claim Ernest was mentored by Pa Shaki is dead wrong. That old man (Pa shaki) was not comfortable with power in the hands of young and dynamic men. A sharp contrast with Ernest Koroma as leader of the NEW APC. I say new with capitals deliberately because the party has evolved into a party that truly reflects the hope and aspirations of not just its supporters but also gained the respect and admiration of others. Major milestones in policy shifts from the old APC is credited to Ernest.

(D) Ernest's job to change old attitudes and transform the APC party is made easier in one hand by the SLPP. The SLPP drained our cesspool of bad poly-tricksters (pilfering politicians) of the Past, absorbed them and perfected them in corruption. Of-course in connivance with its very own (SLPP) brand of cleptocracy. On the other hand, a rebirth of the party is in effect unraveling under his watch despite legal challenges to his leadership. History will judge him as the come back kid...just like Clinton.

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