Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Berewa gets "victory boost" from students in Sierra Leone

Hundreds of students of various secondary schools in the Western Area, who have formed a support group for the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) called ‘Students Action for Berewa’ (SAB), at a ceremony held on Saturday, 13th January 2007, declared their unflinching support for the SLPP, vowing to do everything they can, to win over more of their colleagues, so that the ruling SLPP could win, and Vice President Berewa to be the next President of Sierra Leone after the elections in July this year.

The audience in the jam-packed hall was taken aback when the Coordinator of the Organisation, Yusuf K. Sandi, before he could make his update about SAB, led his colleagues in what looked like an oath-taking pledge to the SLPP and its Leader, Solomon Ekuma Berewa. With their hands firmly placed on the position of their hearts, the students chanted: "We solemnly promise to do all in our power to ensure that the SLPP wins the election and Solomon Ekuma Berewa becomes the next President of the Republic of Sierra Leone".

Said Yusuf K Sandy: "SAB was formed nineteen weeks ago out of our own consideration of the tremendous works so far done by the SLPP, especially in the area of education." He disclosed that hundreds more of his colleagues in the various secondary schools across the country have expressed similar sentiments, which he noted "is an indication of the show of gratitude by the students of Sierra Leone to the ruling SLPP for what they have done for us under their stewardship." He also noted that the formation of SAB epitomizes the clarion call for the youths of this country to understand the fact that the future of Sierra Leone, which is widely believed to be in the hands of the youths, would only be realized by voting in the SLPP and Vice President Berewa.

"What we have demonstrated today is merely symbolizing that the SLPP has revolutionized the country by its commitment to providing quality education for us, he said, adding that "its continuity could only be assured by voting for the continuity of the SLPP, with Solomon Berewa as the next President".

Earlier, Chairman of the ceremony, Abdul Karim Sesay, who is the Secretary General of Support Group for Solomon Berewa, said the initiative of the students is one of epoch- making, as it manifests the determination of students to now be part of the decision-making and direction-carving process of Sierra Leone. "The students of the Western Area and indeed, their colleagues in other parts of the country, have manifested their belief and faith in the SLPP as the only way out and the only through path to the realization of their much- cherished dreams for a better future", Mr. Sesay noted, adding that the students have taken this decision because "they see the SLPP as the only political entity that can form a government that could listen and care for them".

Addressing the students, Alhaji U.N.S. Jah, National Chairman of the SLPP said he was encouraged by the vision, courage and fortitude of the students, as they take the lead in the declaration of victory for the SLPP and Vice President Berewa.

"The SLPP lead, and those with inspiration follow. Those who do not follow fall off on dead soil and, therefore, wither away. That you are following the SLPP is an indication that you are for a better Sierra Leone and a bright and prosperous future for yourselves", he inspired the students.

Making his own contribution, Minister of Education, Science and Technology, Dr. Alpha Tejan Wurie, said the day marked the start of a crusade for a new Sierra Leone, with the SLPP and Vice President Berewa at the helm. He, therefore, encouraged the students to strengthen their resolve more and more and get themselves prepared to transform the potentials they have seen in the SLPP into reality by voting it to victory and VP Berewa as President.

In his own contribution, National Secretary General of the SLPP, Jacob Jusu Saffa, said he was not surprised at the action of the students being that the government formed by his party "has done well for students of Sierra Leone more than any other political party in the history of this country". He assured the students that by voting the SLPP and VP Berewa in the July 28th elections, "you would have adequately signed your insurance for a better future and a reliable and quality education", he said.

Responding, the Vice President thanked the students for their "exemplary initiative" noting that it is a follow up of the manifested trust and confidence of the teachers in the Western Area. He recalled the "old bad days" when students were "sidelined by those in power from participating in active politics and other issues which at the time directly affected the students negatively". Today, the Vice President noted, students have the free-will to participate and take decisions in their own interest.

"This is to show how democratic the SLPP is and would always be", he assured. He therefore encouraged the students not to be reticent and silent any longer in their quest to see things happen the way it should be in their interest. He assured the students that his administration will ensure they are removed from the position in which the old system had placed them.

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