Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Books by Farid Raymond Anthony strongly recommended to our readers


The Republic of Sierra Leone in West Africa has undergone ten years of brutal and tragic civil war; the country is now struggling to get back on its feet since peace was restored in 2001. The author, Farid Anthony, born in Sierra Leone of Lebanese parents but currently living in England, has written of happier days covering more than three decades spent practising law in what was almost a tropical paradise. His book is both entertaining and interesting, interspersing amusing incidents among more serious events in the history and development of Sierra Leone.


The author is Lebanese but was born and educated in Sierra Leone, and he writes about his own early life growing up in a society without prejudice of colour or creed. He also includes chapters on some not so well-known aspects of the history of the country, such as the Waiima Incident which took place in 1893, the efforts of Sierra Leone during the Second World War and many other incidents of historical interest. He gives a picture of the social life in the capital in the days before Indepence, and tells of the introduction of electricity and radio and of trips up-country on the railway to visit relations in other towns. This book gives a nostalgic picture of days gone by.

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