Thursday, November 09, 2006

Comium register 165.000 subscribers

"It is an immutable law in business that words are words, explanations are explanations, and promises are promises, but above all, only performance is reality". These were the exact words of the Deputy General and Commercial Manager of Comium/SL, Joe Amara Bangali (Jnr.) during a press conference held last Friday, 3rd November 2006 at the Company’s headquarters, Yatta House, Wilkinson Road, in Freetown.

Mr. Bangali was intimating journalists on the 165,000 subscribers record, registered by his company over the last eighteen months of its establishment.

According to him, entering the market as the fourth telecommunications operator in the country was no child’s play considering the high level of competition that already was in the market.

"We had to adopt a realistic tariff policy for Comium to penetrate the market and now we a proud to announce our subscriber base as having reached 165, 000," he disclosed.

Mr. Bangali went on to refer to Comium as "friend of Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans", and assured that the company will continue to build upon the successes made so far by increasing and extending its network coverage "to sustain its excellent quality service so that the people of Sierra Leone would live to enjoy quality communication both nationally and internationally".

In his contribution, the Marketing Manager, Shiaka Mansaray, noted that despite what other people would say, Comium believes in performance; as the slogan goes, "action speaks louder than voice," he said. Mansaray went on to illustrate Comium’s efficiency and popularity among Sierra Leoneans by stating that among any group of 5 to 10 people at any giving place, 6 of them would be active subscribers to Comium.

"We provide the link of people more than any other mobile network in the country," Mansaray boasted, adding, "it is good to communicate via Comium and the people are aware of this."

Meanwhile, Comium, last Friday, launched four new promotional products for its numerous subscribers, in addition to other communication products already made available to its numerous subscribers.

Sheka Mansaray, Comium/SL’s Marketing Manager, said the launching of the four promotional products is a part of its several activities lined up to mark the end of the year 2006.