Friday, October 27, 2006

Sierra Leone to host Prince Charles

Sierra Leone to host Prince Charles Britain’s Prince Charles is expected to visit Sierra Leone and Nigeria between November 27th and 30th this year. The visit, according to sources is aimed at ensuring peace and stability in both countries and the sub-region in general.

"The 57-year-old heir to the British throne will be storming West Africa to promote regional stability and national reconciliation, as well as two of his pet subjects - sustainable development and education"- Clarence House reveals.

"The main aims of the visit, reports indicate, "are to celebrate the success of Nigeria’s longest unbroken period of democratic rule since independence, as well as to highlight Sierra Leone’s emergence from a period of civil war," a statement from Britain’s Royal House disclosed.

While in Sierra Leone, Prince Charles will only stop at the capital, Freetown. He is, however, according to our source, expected to visit different cities in Nigeria.

The release further informs that Nigeria will be hosting Prince Charles for the second time, after his visit in 1990 with his then wife, the late Princess Diana.

"The specific theme of the visit will be the promotion of regional stability; national reconciliation; sustainable development and education," a release from the British High Commission states.

According to the programme-line up, indicated in the release, "the Royal Highness will visit Sierra Leone from Monday 27th November to Tuesday, 28th November and Nigeria from Tuesday 28th November to Thursday 30th November."