Thursday, October 26, 2006

Communities warned against doing land transactions with investors

Lands and Country Planning Minister, Dr. Alfred Bobson Sesay, has urged communities in the Peninsula Area not to undertake any land transactions/agreements with any investor without first referring the matter to the government.

The Lands Minister was  addressing the Councillor of Kent area and Development Chairman of York District, Akim Sesay, and elders of the community at his Youyi Building office.
He said in as much as the government recognizes the settlement of people in the area, the administration and use of land in the country is the exclusive responsibility of the government.
Dr. Alfred Bobson Sesay said as a responsible government, it will ensure that employment for the people in the area, infrastructural development and environmental impact assessment are factored in whatever agreement it would undertake on behalf of the people, be it for tourism, agriculture or stone mining.
The Lands Minister reiterated government’s commitment in improving the standard of living of its people by creating employment, establishment of good roads, school, health centres and above all protecting the lives of its people. He described the Peninsula area as a potential employment avenue and one of the mainstay of the economy of the country.

Dr. Alfred Bobson Sesay advised investors who have interest in the Peninsular area to first obtain government approval as any investor that flout this procedure would not be encourages to operate. Councillor Akim Sesay of Kent area assured the Minister of their cooperation and commitment to work with the government. He thanked the government and expressed hope to see the completion of the community centre, school and health centre projects initiated at Mama Beach and Banana areas respectively.