Sunday, December 09, 2007

Ban on Timber Export Causes Job Lose in Sierra Leone

image Following the ban on the logging and exportation of timber by the government of Sierra Leone in May this year, investors in that trade on Wednesday 5th December 2007 disclosed to the press that a large percentage of the youth population in Freetown risks being thrown out of job if government does not revisit its decision.

One such group threatening to go on the sacking is the SLEPORT–SARL, a timber export company based at No. 2 Access Road, Kissy in the east end of Freetown. The Director of the company, Mr. Martinho Joaquim has disclosed to press men that his company currently employs about 120 young people in Freetown alone with an additional 50 in the Provinces.

He said the 4th May 2007 ban by the government on the export of timber from the country on grounds that the practice speeds up deforestation among other things, has greatly hampered the operations of the company. This in turn has engendered the laying off of a large percentage of their work force. He said he believes that since the company is registered to saw and export timber in the country, the ban should not affect them as there are foreign nationals doing similar business clandestinely making their export through the Republic of Guinea.

One of the youths, Mustapha Mansary whose job is at stake pleaded to government to review the ban as the investors have vowed to close their factories. According to him, this will bring the youths several steps backward which is not good for the country’s economy.

Ban on Timber Export Causes Job Lose in Sierra Leone: Sierra Leone News