Thursday, November 15, 2007

Winner of US$32 M Electricity Supply To Freetown Announced

image Addressing the press on monday at the conference room of the Ministry of Energy and Power, Siaka Stevens in Freetown, Energy and Power Minister, Haja Afsatu Kabba underscored that following the previous bidders’ conference held on 19th October 2007 and the subsequent bid evaluation process successfully completed monday, the government of Sierra Leone and the National Power Authority were pleased to announce that the award of the contract was awarded to the lowest prized bidder, Global Trading Group of Belgium.
According to the rules of the tender, the Minister enlightened, Global Trading Group submitted the lowest qualified bid of US$32,429,873 highlighting that the company has a track record and experience in running power projects and supply of fuel in several African countries.
She revealed, “furthermore, Global Trading Group will be working with experienced sub-contractors and suppliers and will source the necessary equipment from Energyst, a subsidiary of Caterpillar, the renowned supplier of power plants and energy equipment that has recently undertaken similar projects in the Canary Islands and Ibiza.”
The Energy and Power Minister also stated that the winning bidder was selected following a transparent and thorough public tender process which was conducted according to World Bank and Sierra Leone’s National Public Procurement Rules and Procedures and was at all times overseen by appropriate World Bank Review Committees in Washington.
“The World Bank will be providing part of the funding for the project. Also, the Evaluation Committee conducted due diligence on the references provided by Global Trading Group and was satisfied that the successful bidder has the necessary qualifications to fulfil all the obligations,” Haja Afsatu Kabba maintained.
She also affirmed that the company is committed to have the thermal power plant operational by 20th December 2007 according to government’s requirement and that financial penalties would be levied if the deadline is not adhered to reiterating that the winning bidder is expected to sign the contract today.
She articulated that the announcement of the winner of the bid is an indication that government is doing all in its power to fulfil its promises to the people of Sierra Leone and congratulated the Evaluation Committee for the rigorous and transparent manner the proceedings were conducted.
She concluded by expressing immense thanks and appreciation to the World Bank and the international community for their continued support, a demonstration of the collaborate efforts of government and the international community effectively working towards improving the wellbeing of Sierra Leoneans, especially at a time of national emergency in providing electricity for the country.
Responding, representative of Global Trading Group, Hussein Bazzy of 49 Sani Abacha Street expressed delight for winning the bid insisting that it has been his life long dream for uninterrupted electricity to be restored in the country and guaranteed that reliable electricity would be supplied on the stipulated deadline.
Dr. Lancelot Lake, Chairman, Presidential Energy Emergency Task Force chaired the ceremony.