Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Wifi/Wimax to Ease Internet Access

In its bid to offer easy access to internet service users in Sierra Leone, a technological breakthrough has occurred in the capital Freetown recently when an indigenous company known as FGC Wireless announced that it has successfully completed a city-wide unrestricted wifi/wimax network that will ease the problems of internet users in the country. FGC Wireless was established about a year ago as a mobile/fixed broadband internet and wireless telephony service provider. The company has been doing what they referred to as 'topographic deployment' within this period in order to achieve this feat.

The internet service provider, FGC wireless operates flexible internet delivery packages designed to provide easy access to all categories of users. FGC Wireless website is www.fgcwireless.com An IT specialist working at the company says with this latest development, the capital Freetown can now boast of being the third city in the world to have a city-wide unrestricted wifi/wimax network after Philadelphia in the USA and Taipei in Taiwan.

"This is just the beginning of so many other breakthroughs that the company presently raps up in its sleeves" the IT specialist said.

The Managing Director of FGC Wireless, Mr George Anionye says the company has worked hard to bring this facility in this country, adding that they used a combination of indigenous technology to achieve this Herculean feat. "The journey to achieving this scientific feat started like a joke", the Managing Director, Mr George Anionye told HANA in the capital Freetown,

"We are grateful to God for having guided us through the period of tension, confusion and frustration associated with designing and developing - a project of such magnitude."

"Every step on the way we faced obstacles, ranging from difficulties to convince the Board of Directors to accept the possibility of an unrestricted city-wide wifi/wimax; to having them understand that it takes time to achieve perfection." "But the good thing is that we designed the technology locally and had a manufacturer to produce the equipment for us. In fact getting it produced was a different ball game altogether." "We had situations whereby some manufacturers believed we did not know what we were doing because the technology beats existing conventional theories currently used to mesh unrestricted wifi/wimax networks all over the world", Mr George Anionye concluded. The Deputy Managing Director, Prince Ahmed Abe Osagie told HANA that "with the right support FGC Wireless as of now can boast of enough capacity to surpass any like minded company for the advancement of an Internet Service Provision in the world." He further stated that every effort towards achieving this feat was by no means easy, adding that ?God was with us"

"There were a combination of neck breaking obstacles that could have derailed the projects, but somehow we managed to survive them. Though most of these obstacles were human factors that threatened the foundation of the business, finance had been and is still scarce, but determination has been the driving force that brought us here", he disclosed. "Today, we will look back and proclaim that we flew where the eagles dared", Prince Osagie concluded.

Meanwhile, several local newspapers in the country are currently benefiting directly from this technology which provides them ready and badly needed internet services for production purposes.

One of the leading local newspapers, the Independent Observer?s editor, Sorie Sudan Sesay told HANA that this technology has come in very handy and timely.

"We are now able to easily access internet services in our offices; something we woefully lacked in the recent past.This is a wonderful and most welcome development in the newspaper industry in post war Sierra Leone where reliable information dissemination means everything to the continued peace and stability in the country; a sine qua non for development anywhere", Sudan stated

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