Thursday, November 29, 2007

Statistics Sierra Leone Launches Household Survey

The Central Government, Local Councils and Private sector owe the highest number of primary schools in the Western Area while those in the East are owned mainly by Nongovernmental Organizations.
With regards to ownership of secondary schools, the Western Area and Northern regions attract more providers/owners. Apparently, the Western Area benefits most from both primary and secondary school owners.
It is also important to note that the SLIHS shows 9.2% of all adults (representing about two hundred and seven thousand people) have never been to school. In addition, 55.8% (one million two hundred and thirty nine thousand) went to school without taking BECE at the terminating JSS level.
It must also be noted that about 15% (approximately three hundred and twenty four thousand) and 16% (approximately three hundred and fifty nine thousand) have JSS/BECE and WASSCE as their highest qualifications.
Considering those who have attained SSS1WASSCE level, the number of males is almost two times that for females (two hundred and twenty three thousands as against one hundred and thirty five thousand), a glaring gender disparity in educational achievement.
Notwithstanding the fact that English has been an integral part of the curriculum since the beginning of education in the country, only 25% are found literate in British English.
The survey further indicates that the average amount paid per person attending school in the last twelve months is highest in the Western Area (Le294, 000), whereas the amount paid per pupil attending school is below Le 75,000 in each of the four regions.

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