Sunday, November 04, 2007


JR is a singer/songwriter. He was born in Sierra Leone and has been living in the US since 1989. While attending high school, he joined a reggae band where he honed his skills. He linked up with the Jungle Leaders, a talented group of guys with conscious reggae vibes from Sierra Leone, while on vacation in December 2004 and recorded "Rise Up Sa Lone" and "Gonna Miss You".

These two songs were featured on their "Same Soup" Album released in 2005. He later recorded "Back Stabber" featuring Jungle Leaders' own Funky Freddy. "Back Stabber is a song dealing with people who portray themselves as friends but will turn against you every chance they get. JR has performed with the likes of K-man, Pupa Bajah, Daddy Saj, Emerson, Manzu Avec C-Bolt and of course the Jungle Leaders at sold out venues in Sierra Leone and in the US.

JR's debut album "Born Sierra Leonean" has sold over 5000 copies. The album consist of songs with messages relating to the 10 years of war endured by Sierra Leoneans and also focuses on the continual corrupt practices of the powers that be, lending to the suffering of innocent men, women and children in Sierra Leone. The album is currently available in stores and can be downloaded from your digital download applications like itunes, napster or rhapsody.