Sunday, November 25, 2007

Getting away from it all in world's most inhospitable locations

HOLIDAYS in remote, untamed areas of the world are more than a minority pursuit.

The extremes of the two poles and their relatively untamed landscapes are increasingly attracting tourists.

Despite the relative expense of the holidays, last year more than 30,000 travellers visited Antarctica and its waters, either on cruises or to get involved in researching the area. The Arctic is proving even more popular, with almost 100,000 people travelling to the islands in the area.

However, concerns have been raised that this growing number of trips will damage areas already under pressure from global warming.

imageThe Falkland Islands are already gearing up for a massive increase in the number of cruise ships visiting their shores in the coming year. According to the Lloyd's List maritime newspaper, it is expecting more than 81,000 passengers, up nearly 60 per cent on last year.

But with tastes for the exotic developing, the challenge of an untamed landscape is not enough for some.

Despite government advice, troubled, war-torn regions such as Sierra Leone and Chechnya are now being touted as viable resorts for the adventurous tourist.

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