Saturday, November 03, 2007

Freedom Schooner Amistad Sailed Into Lisbon Where It Was Received With Dancing Feet And Beating Drums.

The Amistad sailing on the Tagus river in Lisbon, Portugal

Now here's a ship that's sailing in the right direction. On Oct. 13, The Freedom Schooner Amistad arrived in Lisbon. Welcoming the ship and its students was a grand reception, with African drumming and dancing provided by the local company of the international Bototo Yetu performers.

Reports say the arrival marks the commencement of a week-long series of school tours of the American schooner, a conference on the African Slave Trade and receptions with the local and national officials.

Members of the Amistad Host Committee opened their arms to the ship's arrival in Lesbon.

"Lisbon has a rich history of global connections and significance," Charles Buchana of the Luso-American Foundation, who also chaired the Amistad Committee, said in recent article on www.therodanigroup.com.

He adds that the Amistad represents the values of collaboration, tolerance and freedom, which is embraced in Portugal.

The week's public events are scheduled to ended with an "Inter-faith Sail Program." Children from Lisbon's Christian, Jewish and Muslim communities then hopped aboard the ship, and sailed the wooden schooner across the historic harbor of Lisbon.

Skipper of the Amistad, Chaptain Bill Pinkney, says the message of collaboration being sent out by these children, sailing togther, shows others they can do the same to achieve common goals.

The schooner has made many stops across the world. Lisbon is one of the 14 ports-of-call for the Amistad Atlantic Freedom Tour, which began on June 21 when she sailed from her home port of New Haven, Connecticut. In the wake of the Lisbon activities, preparations for the next trip, which will be along the West Coast of Africa, will be made. The West African Tours grand arrival in Freetown, Sierra Leone is highly anticipated.

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