Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sierra Leone Diamond Company (SLDC), boosts Local sports clubs

In its usual bid to promote national development, the Sierra Leone Diamond Company (SLDC), a subsidiary of African Minerals Limited has donated an upfront amount of US$15, 000 to the East End Lions football club in a meeting recently held between some officials of the club and the company. In addition, the company has also agreed in principle to be providing a monthly sponsorship fund of US$ 5,000 to the club. In the same meeting, SLDC also opted to assist the popular local club in the area of sporting gears and other equipment as and when necessary.

E.E Lions Chairman, SLDC Chair in hand shake with Alpha Jalloh, club Sec. Gen.

Since it started operations in Sierra Leone in 2003, SLDC has gone into record as a company having one of the largest work forces in the country. Taking into consideration the welfare of its workers is one of the company’s greatest endeavours that has, more than anything else almost made it a household name. It has invested tens of dollars in exploration projects alone across the country not to mention other developmental initiatives already undertaken. The company has provided facilities for its workers in the area of health, education, (by dishing out scholarships to needy children of workers as well as the communities in which they operate) and the construction of social infrastructures as part of their commitments as part of their commitments.

It is hoped that exemplary show of entrepreneurship and philanthropy demonstrated by SLDC would be emulated by other business entities in the country. Many companies over the years have been seen by both their employees and the general public as exploitative as they care more for profit making than the welfare of workers, not to talk of lending any hand in supporting the society from where they derive their profits.

Sierra Leone Diamond Company (SLDC), boosts Local sports club: Sierra Leone News