Sunday, October 28, 2007

Seaside town celebrates twinning

An East Sussex town has been marking its friendship with its twin town of the same name with an exhibition.

Sierra Leone Blind School Choir who recently performed at St Mary In The Castle, Hastings The seaside town is helping to raise £100,000 for a resource centre

Hastings was officially twinned with Hastings, in Sierra Leone, last February, strengthening cultural links.

On Saturday, the Hastings Sierra Leone Friendship Link held an exhibition in Priory Meadow Centre to raise awareness of the West African country.

Visitors sponsored a brick, or other building materials, needed to construct a resource centre in Hastings, SL.

Chairman of the Friendship Link, Derek Tomblin, said: "With the towns now formally twinned, we can move forward and work together to building stronger links.

"The Resource Centre we are providing will help change the lives of the residents in Hastings, SL; supporting this project is a really tangible way of, literally, cementing our future together."

Supported by the Christian charity, Loaf, which is based in Hastings, East Sussex, the aim is to raise £100,000 for a Community Resource Centre to be built in Hastings, SL, with a post office, bank, IT training suite and office space.

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