Saturday, October 27, 2007

Parliament the Least Resourced in West Africa

Leader of the majority party in Parliament, Hon. Edward Turay yesterday stated that Sierra Leone's Parliament is the least resourced in the sub-region.

Turay made the remark while receiving delegates from the International Parliamentary Union (IPU) who are on a two-week visit to Sierra Leone.

"We do not have enough offices and other basic facilities. Whatever you can do for us will be appreciated," he appealed.

The purpose of the visit of the delegation which includes Norah Babic of the Technical Cooperation Division for the Promotion of Democracy and Raja Goms, is to conduct an assessment of the House of Parliament in Sierra Leone.

Norah Babic said the purpose of their visit is to spend much time with the parliamentarians so as to know their needs.

"There are lot of challenges and lots of work ahead of us," she said. Babic also added that they will be visiting other organizations during the course of their stay in the country but most of their time will be spent in Parliament.

Clerk of Parliament, Ahmed Kemokai, introduced the delegation to the Leader of the House, Hon. Turay and to the Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Justice Abel Strong who welcomed the IPU members to the House.

While introducing the members to the Leader of the House, Kemokai said there has been a standing relationship between the Parliament and IPU.

Kemokai said IPU is ready and willing to assist the Parliament as the basis for their visit is to know MPs' felt needs.

Hon. Turay wished the IPU delegates a happy stay in the country.

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