Friday, October 26, 2007

Ministers to Perform or Face Replacement in Sierra Leone

President Ernest Koroma has yesterday stated that any Minister in his Cabinet who did not live up to the high standards that the Koroma-led APC had promised would be dismissed and replaced by another citizen.

President Koroma who was speaking shortly after he swore in the latest batch of newly approved Ministers, warned them that his leadership direction for Sierra Leone was one of transparency and accountability and so he would be closely monitoring them to ensure that they were adhering to the path he was following.

Pointing out that there are over five (5) million Sierra Leoneans for him to choose his Ministers from, he said he would not hesitate to sack any of his ministers who did not perform.

"Non-performance will lead to dismissal," Koroma warned as he alerted them that, "the People are expecting miracles to happen", President Koroma opined to his ministers as he warned them not to "lord over the people but to serve the people of this great Nation".

Ministers who took the oath yesterday included Minkailu Mansaray (Labour), John Saad (Works), Benjamin Davies (Lands), Kemoh Sesay (Transport), Alimamy Koroma (Trade), Afsatu Kabba (Energy), Abu-Bakarr Jalloh (Mines), Samuel Sesay (Agriculture), Soccoh Kabia (Health), Dauda Kamara (Internal Affairs), Serry-Kamal (Justice), Minkailu Bah (Education) and Alpha Kanu (Presidential Affairs).

Minister Dauda Kamara who spoke on behalf of his colleagues, promised that they would achieve the desired goals for National Development.

Meanwhile, the Institute of Directors in Sierra Leone has informed it is to soon embark on a one day Training Workshop for the new Ministers.

Ministers to Perform or Face Replacement in Sierra Leone: Sierra Leone News