Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Five arrests over SA star's death

Police in South Africa hunting the killers of reggae star Lucky Dube say they have arrested five suspects.

Spokesman Eugene Opperman told a news agency they also seized two unlicensed guns and four cars, including one thought to have been used in the crime.

Dube, one of Africa's biggest selling artists, was shot dead on Thursday in a suspected botched car-jacking.

The death of the musician, who sang about his country's crime problem, prompted a torrent of grief among fans.

Murdered South African reggae star Lucky Dube

Lucky Dube had sung about his country's terrible crime problem

"I can confirm that five suspects were arrested this morning," Superintendent Opperman told the news agency AFP on Sunday.

"We also confiscated two unlicensed firearms, and four cars including the blue VW Polo that is believed to have been used on the night the crime was committed. The cars are believed to have been stolen," he added.

'Need answers'

Dube, 43, was killed on Thursday night in a Johannesburg suburb as he dropped off his two teenage children at a relative's home.

Over his career he had devoted much of his musical attention to social problems.

His death was lamented by President Thabo Mbeki and by thousands of fans who emailed or texted their tributes to this website.

Senegalese singer Youssou N'Dour said his murder posed "a big question which South African authorities must provide answers to", reported AFP.

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