Thursday, October 18, 2007

Berewa Steps Down As Leader of SLPP

Defeated presidential candidate in the last elections of the opposition Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP), Solomon Ekuma Berewa yesterday told members of his party that he is stepping down as leader as required by the party constitution.

Berewa stated that the party constitution stipulates that the leader and his deputy should cease to operate after losing a presidential election.

"I am going as a happy man after diligently serving my people as Attorney General and as Vice President of Sierra Leone. During my tenure, I contributed immensely towards the development of my country. I am handing over today and I will never be a leader in the SLPP. I am handing over the leadership to the party chairman," Berewa stated Berewa congratulated members of his party for voting in the SLPP parliamentarians though he failed to secure a winning.

"We got the votes but lost the elections. I am appealing to all SLPP members to maintain law and order and to also respect the current government," he said and noted that the SLPP is a peace loving party.

Chairman of the party, Alhaji UNS Jah expressed thanks and appreciation to the outgoing leader for his dynamic leadership and said, "We cherish the preservation of the people of Sierra Leone more than the quest for power."

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