Monday, September 17, 2007

Smooth transition committee formed in Sierra Leone

Freetown, Sierra Leone - Some concerned Sierra Leoneans have formed themselves into a committee to work for a smooth political transition in the West African nation.

The transition committee, which comprises members of the media, the inter-religious council, civil society, campaign for good governance and the National Commission for Democracy, has been working with all stakeholders to ensure a peaceful transfer of power from President Ahmad Tejan-Kabbah to the next elected president of Sierra Leone.

The committee, headed by United Methodist Church Bishop J. C. Humper, is a neutral and apolitical body charged with the responsibility to encourage politicians to exchange ideas and address national issues together.

"Apart from the need for the political leaders to talk to their followers to accept the presidential election results, the committee is also charged with ensuring that the present non-functional civil service returns to normalcy,'' the state radio said.

"The Committee has met the leader of the (ruling) Sierra Leone Peoples Party, Vice President Solomon E. Berewa, and the leader of the (opposition) All Peoples Congress party, Hon. Ernest Bai. Koroma and received their commitments to a peaceful political transition,'' it said.

The committee also expressed concerned about the non-functional civil service, as many civil servants had abandoned their offices to be part of the political campaign.

"There is no way by which a new President could take over the presidency of Sierra Leone if the civil service and other state institutions are in a state of disarray,".the committee was quoted as saying.

The committee suggested that the Establishment Secretary and the Secretary of the Cabinet, who are the heads of the civil service, be encouraged to ask civil servants who had taken French leave to return to their work places before the new president assumes office.

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