Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Scramble for Government Ministerial Appointment

Sierra Leoneans in the Daispora who largly financed the APC back to power elcetion campaigns flood Sierra Leone, as President Koroma work round the clock to hand pick members of his wining team.

Victory is still fresh in the mind of His Excellency Ernest Bai Koroma the newly elected President ofSierra Leone. The successful Insurance broker turn politician defeated the former Vice President Solomon Berewaof the Sierra Leone Peoples Party.

President Koromais now trying to adjust to the reality of leading a country full of people with high expectations. Hepromised to make his markand turn the country around withinthree years in office. This makes it a big challenge for the 54 year old.Will he be able tocreate jobs for the 65% unemployed, who are mainly youths? or will he be able to provide basic social amenities like electricity, water supply and good roads?

In order to deliver all his promises, he needs a functioning cabinet. Close to two weeks in to office, the Messiah as some call him, is still working round the clock to hand pick the best people for the jobamongsix million Sierra Leoneans.

During the race forpresidency, Sierra Leonean diaspora, played a significant role in supporting their various parties. A large number of the candidates who contested for the 112 parliamentary seats came form the diaspora.Those who won their seats wear sworn in to office on Tuesday 25th September 2007.

As the official inaugurationofPresident Koromabeingschedule for the 5th October 2007, the All Peoples Congress strong supporters and family members who live in the diaspora are busy packing their bags to attend this long awaited victory party.

The smiling president as i will like to call him is been talking tough since he assume office. Will he transfer talk in to action? If President Koroma demonstrate that ability,he will end up disappointingmainlypeople from the diaspora who financedhis election campaigns using bank loans. Most of those who stuck their necks, some at the expense of their families, have high hopes of being part ofPresident Koroma’s government.

Will he keep to his promise of forming a government of national unity and of technocrats ? or will he try to pay back those who are not qualified but, stuck by him when he was still dreaming of the presidency?

All eyes on President Ernest Bai Koroma as he discovers that the problems ofsierra Leone is bigger than his successful insurance empire.

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