Monday, September 10, 2007

PMDC Supporters Heed Margai’s Call

Preliminary results from all over the country of the run-off election held on saturday indicate that many PMDC supporters have listened to the call of their leader and massively voted for the opposition APC led by Ernest Koroma.

According to very reliable sources, the APC did well in Bo,Bonthe and Moyamba in the south,the traditional stronghold of the SLPP. Unconfirmed reports say Margai and the APC’s Victor Foh were airlifted from Freetown to campaign in those areas just before the run-off. Many people thought PMDC supporters, who are mainly former SLPP supporters, would ignore Margai and vote overwhelmingly for the SLPP.

The APC is expected to do extremely well in the Western Area and the North and share the votes in Kono with the SLPP. The SLPP, on the other hand is doing extremely well in Kenema although the APC complains of intimidation and vote-rigging in that district. The turn-out in Freetown has been unexpectedly low due perhaps to vitriolic utterances from the two contenders and sporadic violence just before the run-off.Another reason might be some voters wrongly believe a run-off is not needed.There were also rumours of plans to assassinate APC leader Ernest Koroma(photo).

Kailahun is a no-go area for the APC even before the run-off and unsubstantiated reports say NEC might not accept results from that area because of blatant irregularities.APC spokesman Alpha Kanu says his party will not accept results from Kenema and Kailahun.

SLPP is doing very well in Pujehun, reports say, although violence and intimidation were also rampant there. Counting of votes is still in progress. We shall bring you a statement from NEC later today.Stay tuned.