Tuesday, September 25, 2007

MP’s To Appoint Speaker Of Parliament Tuesday 25th September…Eddie Turay and Abel Stronge Top Contenders

Tuesday 25th September 2007 marks the opening of the 3rd session of the legislative house with new parliamentarians forming part of the body that would make up the new parliament. The last parliament it would be recalled came to an end on the 25th July, 2007. Tuesday’s meeting at the legislative house would witness the swearing in ceremony of Members of Parliament and the appointment of the Speaker of Parliament. So far, two names have come up for this high profile job, namely Lawyer Edward Turay and Appellate Court Judge, Hon.Justice Abel Stronge. According to Hon. Edward Turay, it would appear that Justice Stronge would be the preferred candidate for the job, that notwithstanding “I am also interested in becoming the next Speaker of Parliament” Giving reason, Hon. Edward Turay said that he is one of the longest serving Member of Parliament, in addition to his Curriculum Vitae he said “I know all the parliamentary procedures and they are not new to me” According to most people interviewed, they prefer Abel Stronge, as they perceived him as non-partisan and also a disciplinarian when it comes into interpreting the law. However, if for the purpose of seniority and age Justice Abel Stronge is nominated for the position of Speaker of Parliament, Hon. Edward Turay would not mind if his party elects him as Majority Leader of Parliament or deputy speaker of the house, both positions he is qualified for. It is not known what the atmosphere would look like in Parliament , most people including politicians are very optimistic