Thursday, September 06, 2007

British Government Impartial in Sierra Leone’s Election

The British Government is pleased to partner Sierra Leone during her 2007 elections. British support includes £4m towards the direct cost of the election, £1.8m for voter education and access to election information, and £1.2m for national and international observers. Through independent organisations, we have provided training for all political parties in key elements of responsible campaigning. We maintain contacts with all parties to observe their campaigns and to encourage them to campaign within the Political Party Code of Conduct.

British High Commissioner Sarah McIntosh

All British Government support is provided without preference or prejudice towards any political party.

Impartial British support will continue through the second round of the Presidential election. At the request of the political parties, we will fund one party agent from each of the contesting parties in every polling station. We will also fund a national observer from the National Election Watch in every polling station.

The British Government has two aspirations for Sierra Leone’s 2007 elections. We support the wish of the people of Sierra Leone to exercise their democratic rights in a free, fair, peaceful and credible election. And we support the wish of the people of Sierra Leone to see, at the end of the electoral process, a Government take office that has been democratically elected by the people.

The British Government joins the international community in welcoming the successful and peaceful conclusion of the first round of Sierra Leone’s 2007 elections, and urges the people and parties of Sierra Leone to ensure that the 8 September vote is conducted in the same atmosphere of security and democracy. Speaking on 12 August, British Minister Lord Mark Malloch Brown said:

“I would like to congratulate the people of Sierra Leone on a peaceful and successful polling day and hope that this patience and tolerance will continue

“I urge party leaders and supporters to maintain this calm and openness throughout the rest of the election process, and to await and prepare to accept the results announced by the NEC.”

The British Government looks forward to working with the next democratically elected Government chosen the by the people of Sierra Leone.

British Government Impartial in Sierra Leone’s Election