Monday, August 27, 2007

Sierra Leone and Liberia Two countries open for business

Having successfully come through their respective recent difficult times, Sierra Leone and Liberia are now officially open for business.Whilst Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown has already proven a most successful destination, the introduction of Monrovia to Astraeus’West African network, speaks volumes about Liberia’s swift return to commercial wellbeing. Named after the waterway flowing between the countries, the Mano River Union fosters economic cooperation between Sierra Leone and Liberia (Guinea represents the third party to this accord). Recent events delayed implementation, however the last few years have provided new impetus with numerous large projects requiring urgent inward investment. Both countries are rich in natural beauty, with beautiful coastline beaches and rainforest being home to flora and fauna with a diverse variety of species. Conservation of this beautiful region beckons overseas investment. They are equally blessed with resources of substantial agricultural, fishing and mineral reserves offering significant potential for overseas investment. Soil quality and conditions are truly suitable to making the region an export garden to the world, and with investment, the agricultural sector could employ the majority of the working population. Kevin McPhillips Travel has seen a remarkable increase in business travel to the region and it is always a pleasure to learn of so many successes associated with such trips. The Governments of Liberia and Sierra Leone are providing considerable incentives for investment in all sectors including Manufacturing, Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Mining and Quarrying, Petroleum Exploration, Telecommunications,Water Supply, Energy, Building and Construction, Transport Infrastructure, Conservation and much more; bringing mutual benefits to country and entrepreneur alike - only honest and genuine investors need apply. Further information on investment in these two great young nations is readily available from appropriate consular offices. Whilst rich in so many resources, the greatest one of all must be - the people themselves.

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