Sunday, August 19, 2007

Press Statement From National Electoral Commission on Saturday 18 August on The Elections Results so Far

As announced earlier, the Commission has been making every attempt to find ways to accelerate the process and at the same time maintain the integrity of the process. You will see that good progress has been made to this point:

  • 5015 polling station results have now been entered into the results database. This represents 81.3% of all polling stations.
  • Total number of votes inputted into the system is 1,612,128. (1,495,062 for candidates and 117,066 invalid). Total invalid votes constitute 7.3% of all votes cast.
  • The average national turnout is currently 75.6%.
  • There are no new results for the parliamentary elections. Once again, we highlight that while the number of constituency results is still low, this is due to the fact that no progressive results are given for the constituencies – these are only announced when all the stations for a particular constituency have been entered. I want to emphasise again that results for all constituencies are being entered and considerable progress is being made.
  • As before, the results which will be announced today are a cumulative total of the results from yesterday and the results processed since the announcement yesterday.
  • I also want to remind you that the detailed results, by polling station and by center, are posted on the NEC web site: www.necsierraleone.org
  • The next press briefing will be held here on Monday, 20 August. There will be no press briefing tomorrow Sunday. I want to make it clear, however, that this does not mean that tallying will not continue and that the Commission is taking a day-off. However, at this stage, the Commission will concentrate on dealing with those cases that require investigation, so progress tomorrow will be slow and there will be little information to provide. On Monday we expect to have made good progress, and are expecting to be able to announce a number of constituency results.

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