Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Over 200 PMDC Youths Defect to SLPP in Kenema

Two hundred and fifty one supporters of the Peoples Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) in Kenema Friday gathered at the Kenema City Council to pledge their support to the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) in the coming presidential run-off election slated for September 8, 2007.

Mohamed Sesay who led the group said, "now that there is run-off they have decided to go back to the SLPP and achieve victory.

"We are 251 in number, all from three strong youth groups of the PMDC and many more are hoping to come over. We assure you of our absolute support," he said and added that the PMDC is from the SLPP and there is on reason to forsake them (SLPP) for the All Peoples Congress.

Isata Fofanah says she has been Vice Chairlady for the Koroma Street branch of the PMDC and that before the declaration of the final results by the National Electoral Commission, she intended not to leave the party for any one.

"Now that our leader, Charles Margai has made a pronouncement that he is supporting the APC, I have finally made up my mind to support the SLPP in the run-off election," she stated.

Mayor of the Kenema City Council, Chief Evans Gbemeh thanked them for the initiative.

He said the party is for all Sierra Leoneans, therefore they should all come onboard to ensure victory.

"I know some of you were misled by unpatriotic citizens for their selfish desire. The SLPP is for all tribes in this country, so I am extremely pleased to see among you a large number of Temnes and Fullas. This shows that we are one people" he said, assuring that the SLPP will definitely win the run-off election.

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