Friday, August 24, 2007

'2007 Elections Are About Jobs, Not Security' - U.S. Ambassador

Outgoing United States Ambassador to Sierra Leone, Thomas Hull Saturday said, "The 2002 elections were about peace and security but the 2007 elections are about jobs." Ambassador Hull made this disclosure at a dinner organized for him by the Managing Director of Sam-King Services at Kimbima Hotel, Freetown.

According to him people should accept the outcome of the elections results, which are expected to be out by 10am on Saturday 25, 2007.

He stated that the elections were free, transparent and credible and if necessary there is going to be a run-off.

Ambassador Hull highlighted the contributions of the American government in the country including the renovation of the John F. Kennedy Building at Fourah Bay College (FBC), adding that the government in turn should empower the private sector.

Managing Director of Sam-King Services, Wilfred Sam-King pointed out that Sierra Leone is faced with the most challenging period in its history as it is yearning for a change.

"As most of you may know, Ambassador Hull is a friend to many and Sierra Leone in particular. The achievements of HE Thomas Hull in his capacity as the US Ambassador to Sierra Leone is immense and I would like to pay tribute to the very constructive and important contributions he has made to the process of reconstruction and nation-building in Sierra Leone," he said.

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