Sunday, August 26, 2007

Celtel Covers 80 Percent of the Country

Eighty percent of Sierra Leone's 4.9 million populations have now been linked to the outside world.

The Managing Director of Celtel Mr. Ted Sauti -Phiri says one out of ten Sierra Leoneans now use Celtel network as the company now covers three-fourths of the country.

Remote areas never had access to communication facilities. Prior to the advent of mobile companies, residents in provincial areas use to travel to the capital Freetown and spend days at the SIERRATEL, the government telecommunication company before they could be connected to the outside world .to talk to relations. But the use of mobile phones has now made it possible for residents in the remotest villages to communicate within the country and outside Sierra Leone.

Apart from covering three- fourths of the country, Celtel has also introduced the "Moonlight" tariff which is the cheapest. Though the management says it is for students, who are on the lowest rung of the income ladder. The company however suggests that other low income earners make use of it. The tariff can be utilized from 11pm to 6am. It is a period during which students are believed to be able to communicate with their colleagues since they are engaged in academic activities during the day. "But the opportunity is also for low income earners who wish to make use of it", says Miss Marie Anusumama , Commercial Manager of Celetel. She says the tariff also offers 10 free SMS messages per month.

"From last year, our focus has changed. In as much as we want to make our network accessible, we also want to make it affordable", says Ted Sauti -Phiri.

According to him, the company has looked at the needs of the people, especially the youths and has "come out with a tariff specially tailored to cover their lifestyles".

He says it is a continuation of the company's efforts to provide affordable services.

There are five mobile companies in Sierra Leone among which Celtel is the leading since it covers three-fourths of the country.

Celtel's Commercial Director Bernard Sisay says it is a relief to low income earners who can now make use of the cheapest tariff at night.

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