Tuesday, August 14, 2007

APC radio station closed

Freetown is currently tense following the closure of the APC radio station on monday by the ruling government for what is believed to be unauthorised and unceritfied reporting of election results by the station.

This action has however angered APC stalwarts who had been depending on their station for results coming direct from their representatives in the various polling stations around the country. Unconfirmed reports say APC supporters have consequently hit the streets of the capital protesting the closure of their station.

A credible source in Freetown says some international election observers are not happy over the complete control of state media by the SLPP government and the use of money and t-shirts to influence voters.

APC supporters also complain that the national electoral commission boss, Christiana Thorpe, has so far failed to refute what they consider a wrong report by SLPP politician Alie Bangura who reportedly said over FM 98.1 that the SLPP is currently leading by 41 percent.

NEC results received by this paper however state that in the presidential vote,the APC is currently leading by 45.71%, while SLPP comes second with 35.39% and PMDC 15.90%. 10.15% of the vote has been counted so far.

Tension Mounts in Freetown: APC radio closed