Wednesday, August 01, 2007

APC Presidential Candidate Appeals to All Supporters to Keep the Peace and Be Vigilant on Elections Day

Good Evening My fellow Sierra Leoneans.I bring you greetings from the All Peoples Congress. I take this opportunity to express the APC‘s appreciation and gratitude for your unflinching support throughout the years. I am speaking to you today, a fortnight before the general election on 11th August 2007,on the serious issues of peace and the orderly conduct of all Sierra Leoneans during the elections campaign. 

As the Leader and Presidential Candidate for the APC, I am duty bound to address all Sierra Leoneans to conduct themselves in a lawful and orderly manner in the whole course of the election process.

I know Sierra Leoneans are law abiding citizens and my appeal to you is to emphasize that we must uphold law and order in our country.

Furthermore you must respect each other irrespective of your party affiliation, religion, ethnic or regional affiliation.

What is more, I expect all Sierra Leoneans to refrain from committing any form of violence which will degrade the sanctity of life and the dignity of our fellow Sierra Leoneans.

As we prepared to vote on 11th August 2007, I appeal to every Sierra Leone to support his/her respective political party for President and Parliament. I especially appeal to every APC member, supporter and registered voter to refrain from engaging in any act or expression that will constitute a breach of the peace.

I also appeal to all APC supporters to be vigilant and watchful on election day in all polling stations and ensure that the electoral process is transparent and in accordance with the electoral laws of Sierra Leone.

In doing so, I will be assured that our nation will elect me in a free, fair and credible election in which the mandate of the APC is without doubt credible and reflective of the aspirations of the people of the Republic of Sierra Leone.

Once more, let me thank every Sierra Leonean and urge you all to come out in massive numbers and elect a government that you deserve and that is the PAC.




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