Friday, June 22, 2007

Victims of Sierra Leone's helicopter crash identified

The identification of the victims of the helicopter crash which occurred on June 3 in Freetown, capital of Sierra Leone, has ended, Togolese government website Republicoftogo.com reported Thursday.

During a cabinet meeting, which was held Wednesday, Togolese health minister Charles Kondi Agba, who is also the chairman of the inter-ministerial commission on the helicopter crash, said the experts, who were dispatched by the French foreign ministry, had managed to identify 14 of the 20 people who perished in the crash.

According to the minister, among those who died in the crash, there were 11 Togolese nationals, including Togolese youth and sports minister Richard Kwaku Attipoe, two French pilots and a Senegalese national living in Togo.

Meanwhile, the minister said more samples had been taken to France to help with the identification of six further victims, including two Togolese and four Gabonese nationals.

People's Daily Online -- Victims of Sierra Leone's helicopter crash identified