Friday, June 08, 2007

Liberia and Sierra Leone re-open border post

Monrovia - The border post between Liberia and Sierra Leone, a key trading route, was re-opened on Thursday 17 years after it was sealed off by a civil war, the government said on Thursday.
"The border between Liberia and Sierra Leone was re-opened today," the Liberian government said in a statement.
The border, known here as the Bo Waterside, was closed in 1990 when Charles Taylor's National Patriotic Party of Liberia (NPFL) launched an uprising against the regime of the then president Samuel Doe.
"This is a sign of improved relationship between the two countries," said Monrovia, whose former leader Taylor is accused of sponsoring rebels in Sierra Leone to fight the government of President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah in a decade long war that ended in 2001.

The opening of the border bridge which spans the Mano river is expected to boost trade between the two neighbours - both still recovering from ravaging civil wars.
"The re-opening of Bo Waterside is good news for the business community of our two countries," Liberia said.
Bo Waterside has always been the commercial gateway between the two countries and reduces the distance by road between the capitals.
"This will help us in our reconstruction process after several years of devastating wars," said Monrovia.

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