Tuesday, May 01, 2007

World Bank Sets Goals to Pursue PRSP

The World Bank, which continues to boost operations in Sierra Leone, recently stated in its Country Assistance Strategy 2006-2009 for Sierra Leone that potential projects should align with the three pillars of the "Sierra Leone Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (SLPRSP)." It said the Strategy would build on existing programmes in economic reform decentralization, infrastructure development and the social sectors while economic reform will be underpinned by annual development policy operations (DPOs). "Support for decentralization will go beyond institutional reform and capacity building to include transfer of resources to support innovative approaches to decentralized governance, including the use of the rapid results initiative (RRI) to boost and empower local councils," the Bank said. Africa 2007 This, according to the Bank, would include public finance management tools at both central and decentralized levels. To further sustain high economic growth, reduce poverty levels, generate jobs and improve food security, the Bank's programme foresees support to private sector development, infrastructure, agriculture and mining with and an integrated rural and private sector development initiative that would target agriculture and youth unemployment.

Source: allAfrica.com: Sierra Leone: World Bank Sets Goals to Pursue PRSP (Page 1 of 1)