Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Transit Visas Waived for Brussels Airlines Passengers with Sierra Leone Passports

The General Manager of Brussels Airlines in Freetown, Nicholas Luyckx disclosed on Friday, 18th May at the Cape Sierra Hotel, Aberdeen that effective 15th May, Sierra Leoneans and Gambians traveling via Brussels Airlines to any of the European Union countries, including the USA, Japan, Canada, Andorra, San Marino or Switzerland do not need a Transit Visa as there exist an Airside Trash Visa to take care of that.

According to the GM Brussels Airlines has been advocating for the past five years the Embassies of these countries in the country and in the Diaspora to consider applying this facility to Sierra Leoneans but has only now been granted.

Mr. Nicholas Luyckx further disclosed that the name SN Brussels Airlines has been rebranded to be known as Brussels Airlines, and that the Airlines started its maiden flight operation under the new name on 24th March from Sierra Leone.

The Sales Manager of Brussels Airlines, Mr. Abu Bakarr Kargbo explained that the Airlines started operations in Sierra Leone in1993 with the name Sabena Airlines which became a household name within a few years until 2002 when it was rebranded to SN Brussels Airlines. Explaining the operational scheme of the Airline, Mr. Kargbo noted that under the new brand name, the Airline now operates in most countries of Africa and throughout Europe, accounting for 56 destinations in Europe, operating about 400 flights per day. In Africa the Airline is operating 38 flight schedules per day to about 14 destinations.

Mr. Kargbo further disclosed that the Airline has in its fleet four aircrafts operating in various countries in Africa, adding that the aircrafts used by SN Brussels have been incorporated to the new Brussels Airlines.

The Public Relations Officer for the Lebanese Community in Sierra Leone, Zuher Kudsy described the new Brussels Airlines as "the most reliable and affordable" airline for air travel customers in Sierra Leone. According to him Brussels Airlines, by virtue of its links to the outside world assures of "the best facilities" more than any other airline operating in the country.

Mr. Kudsy further noted that the coming of Brussels Airlines into the air travel industry is a blessing to Sierra Leonean air travelers who are most often faced with the problem of securing Transit Visas. "Now Sierra Leoneans can travel to and from their country to the respective countries outlined with relative ease regardless of a Transit Visa," Mr. Kudsy asserted.

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