Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lebanese Yearn for Salone Citizenship

Chairman Lebanese Committee in Kenema, Alhaji Alie Hassan Wednesday dismissed claims by some Sierra Leoneans that the Lebanese will wreck Sierra Leone if granted Sierra Leonean citizenship.

The chairman, who was addressing journalists at his Dama Road resident, stated that all about citizenship is one's love and personal contribution towards the development of the country.

"We the Lebanese love this country and have made meaningful contributions toward developing the communities in which we live and the country at large," he charged adding that a majority of Lebanese were born in the country in which case some have spent more than fifty years without visiting Lebanon.

He further stated, "Most of our brothers have built houses and opened shops in almost all the provincial towns. So for an individual like that to have evil intensions to destroy the country is not easy." Mustapha Skakay, a prominent businessman in Kenema also said he loves Sierra Leone more than any other country because he was born, educated, and now bearing children here.

"I have never been to Lebanon," he claimed adding that he will be proud to become a citizen of the country since he knows no other place other than Sierra Leone.