Monday, May 14, 2007

Charity warns of migration crisis

The effects of climate change could make at least one billion people homeless between now and 2050, says the charity Christian Aid.

The group expects climate change to deepen an already worsening global migration crisis.

In a report, the charity says it fears the wave of migrations will generate new conflicts in areas of the world where resources are most scarce.

The migration crisis in poor countries is not recognised, says Christian Aid.

In a report to mark the start of Christian Aid week, the charity says that forced migration is now the most urgent threat facing poor people in the developing world.

It says "a world of many more Darfurs is the increasingly likely nightmare scenario" and the impact of climate change is the great and frightening unknown.

The report's main author, John Davison, says we hear a lot about people trying to come to European and other rich countries, but the real crisis is developing a long way away and remains little recognised.

The charity points out that most of those on the move will have to remain in their own countries as internally displaced people with no rights under international law and no voice - in many cases their lives will be in danger.

Christian Aid is calling for "a stronger, braver response" by the international community if the worst effects of the crisis are to be averted.

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