Wednesday, April 04, 2007

UN statement on the voters registration in Sierra Leone

The Executive Representative of the Secretary-General, on behalf of the United Nations system, welcomes the announcement on 30 March by the National Electoral Commission of the results of the registration of voters.

The quality of the registration is a critical element of the overall credibility of the 2007 presidential and parliamentary elections. In this context, the United Nations notes the high level of participation by Sierra Leoneans, men and women. Over 2.6 million voters have registered, and 48 percent of them are women. Taking into consideration the Population Census of 2004, the figures show that 91 percent of those aged 18 and above have registered.

We all agree that the forthcoming elections will be a milestone in the peace consolidation process. The United Nations encourages the Government of Sierra Leone, the electoral institutions, and the international partners to continue to work together to ensure that the elections are democratic and credible, and that their results are accepted by all parties concerned.

Link to UN statement on the voters registration in Sierra Leone: Sierra Leone News