Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Kenema District Association

Kenema District Association, Inc. was formed at the Sierra Leone Embassy in Washington DC in May 2001 by a group of natives from Kenema district in Sierra Leone. Also present at the launching ceremony were other Sierra Leoneans and the then Sierra Leonean ambassador to the United States, Dr. John Ernest Leigh. The primary gist for the formation of this organization is for its membership to explore every possible lawful avenues to solicit generous donations in cash, food, clothing, educational and agricultural materials and equipment to help improve the lives of the people of Kenema district particularly and Sierra Leone in general. The organization is registered both in the United States of America with a 501 (c) 3 status; and in Sierra Leone as an international non-governmental organization.

Our Objective:

The Kenema District Association is a non-profit organization poised to meet the social and  economic needs of its citizens through community participation

Our Motto:

Together We Build

Our Slogan:

Building the future through constructive management

Our Vision:

Building an effective management structure that will facilitate economic growth, promote sound practical education and social mobilization, foster peaceful coexistence among the chiefdoms and transform lives in the Kenema District.

Our Mission:

The Kenema District Association is committed to serving the people of the District of Kenema. We realize the need for rapid reconstruction of our communities. Therefore, we desire to establish a system that will facilitate grassroot education, social and economic empowerment for a more sustainable and stable lifestyle of our people.

Five-Year Goal:

Build a strong community of Kenema District Descendants in the United States of America and North America, united to rebuild their District.

  • Build an effective leadership team that emphasizes excellence in every areas of their lives.
  • Build orphanages and facilitate foster parenthood for street children.
  • Equip existing schools.
  • Provide and facilitate training for women in basic civic issues, sensitize them about their rights and roles in developments.
  • Collaborate with other agencies to support local hospitals through personnel and materials, build peripheral health centers and health units, train TBAs, etc.
  • Promote public health education and practices.
  • Establish trade schools where basic skills that enhance middle manpower development are taught (bakery, carpentry, computer, masonry, motor vehicle operators, tailoring, hairdressing, market gardening, etc).
  • Organize seminars to teach basic business management skills like banking and savings, bookkeeping, etc. on the farms, in the villages, in the towns to farmers, tailors, carpenters, etc.
  • Developing cooeratives to harness local resources (diamond, cocoa, coffee, etc)
  1. Establish entrepreneurial trainings
  2. Develop a marketing network to maximize both production and revenue
  3. Facilitate funding for small-scale businesses


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