Saturday, April 14, 2007

Bahsoon Café: Coffee Made in Salone

Bahsoon Foods Company ltd (BFC ltd) was formed in April 2006 with an objective to process, manufacture and package foods using produce grown in Sierra Leone for marketing and supplying initially to the West African Sub Region and Europe in the case of coffee.

In any Food Industry, emphasis should be placed on Good Manufacturing Practices, and as such, the Management of BFC ltd contacted the Sierra Leone Standards Bureau and the Sierra Leone Pharmacy Board for their approval and recommendations in the building of the factory and installation of appropriate machinery. The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security has provided a Nutritionist to be attached to the company with special supervisionary responsibility for the processing and production of baby Food.

Raw materials required for production are bought direct from the growers thereby cutting out middle-men and ensuring the growers get maximum return for their product. It is estimated that the factory will be using 250 tons of coffee, 40 tons of Sesame, 30 tons of Beans, 30 tons of Rice and 10 tons of Sugar per annum, thereby creating a market for the farmer/grower.

two products that will be launched by the 20th April 2007:

BAHSOON CAFE' is green Organic Robusta coffee harvested in the Eastern Province of Sierra Leone. It is unshelled by the growers and transported to the capital, Freetown where it is roasted, Ground and packed by modern, hygienic technology.


Aluminium Foil sachets and comes in 2 sizes 125gms and 225gms.

There are 100 sachets 125gms / plastic bag 12.5 Kg net.

There are 50 sachets 225gms / plastic bag 11.25Kg net.


SESA-MEAL ® is a baby formula based on sesame, beans and rice with other additives ensuring that the growing infant gets its required nutrition to maintain a healthy growth. A request made to the Ministry of Agriculture, and Food Security to provide a Nutritionist was granted and this product is from his creation. It is hoped that during the course of year 2 more Baby Food Formulas WITTA-MEAL and RISA-MEAL would be introduced.



Aluminium Foil sachets 200gms and 400gms sizes .

There are 20 sachets 200gms / plastic bag 4 Kg net.

There are 20 sachets 400gms / plastic bag 8 Kg net.