Thursday, March 15, 2007

World Water Day to be celebrated in Sierra Leone

World Water Day would be celebrated this year come March 22 on the theme "Coping with water security".

According to Guma Valley Water Company sources, the theme is aimed at focusing attention on the socio-economic impact the shortage of water has on people, their community and the environment.

Mohamed Kamara of the Guma Valley Water Company informed that these impacts are a threat to the economies and stability of countries like Sierra Leone. He noted that last year the shortage of water experienced in Freetown affected close to 700,000 people, pointing out that if nothing is done to ameliorate the situation by 2025, this figure could increase.

In the case of Freetown, Mr. Kamara however attributed the problem in part to the misuse of water; wastages through pipes; which he maintained are deliberately damaged by people. He also indicated that poor management, bad consumption pattern, environmental degradation, pollution and inadequate investment mechanism, poor infrastructure are also contributing factors to the water scarcity in especially Freetown and its environs.

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