Thursday, March 08, 2007

Who Will Win the Race?

The three leading contenders all have different strategies and it has been observed that it emanates from their natural dispositions.

Solomon Berewa of the ruling Sierra Leone People's Party talks less but does more. He has been observed to be very Machiavellian.

Also he is the 'Osama type', unlike other candidates, he has small 'cells' almost in every part of the country. These cells campaign on his behalf.

Money is an advantage to him and those who favour 'continuity' are doing the spadework for him.

Ernest also talks less but does more. He believes in personal contact and in addition, he believes that it is his past record that should be used to judge him. He is one of the few Sierra Leoneans who has never soiled his image by gluttonously cutting the national cake.

He is seldom noticed when making his links. He does things surreptitiously and believes in taking opponents by surprise like a soldier ambushing an adversary at the warfront and incidentally disarming him.

In 2003 he took all other opponents by surprise when he was catapulted to the party's leadership.

Margai on the other hand is the man who beats his drum wherever he is. He believes in laying his cards on the table. Critics say he has been too forthright. Without even reaching the winning peak, he has started sending warning signals to the enemy's of progress. He stands for probity in public office and enforcement of law and order. He believes that the foundation for the future depends on the youth. He therefore greatly relies on them. The youths regard him as a source of hope and views SLPP as a gerontocratic government.

There have been speculations as to who will grab the highest post in the country. Some say it's Solomon Berewa, others say its Charles Margai others say its Ernest Koroma.

Margai is slugging it out with Berewa in the south. But Berewa has some aces up his sleeves and may unleash them on the eleventh hour of the eve by which time he hopes to win the game.

In such a scenario, observers say Ernest Koroma may likely sweep Berewa off his feet and trample over him. But all depends on the strategies they implement and how much they are au fait with political intrigues. In Sierra Leone it is how much you are au fait with intrigues that determines your success. If you 'sleep on your wings', you will be eaten raw during breakfast. Berewa seems to be seasoned in the game.

But there are two people who would determine whether the game has been fair or not and upon whose shoulders peace hangs. If they drop it, then the whole of Sierra Leone falls down. And what a great fall! These are; Brima Acha Kamara the Inspector General of Police and Christiana Thorpe the Chair Person for the National Electoral Commission.

Jokers have likened the three contenders to the three leading mobile companies in the country . Solomon Berewa is 'Celtel the bomber'. But the soil he stands on that supports him is giving away: some of his supporters-- like those of Celtel-- have been snatched away by Ernest Koroma- Africell. The tug of war now is between Africell (Ernest Koroma) and Celtel the bomber (Solomon Berewa). And in the midst of the struggle the radical 'Comium' (Charles Margai) comes out with a new vision and many are following him. That is the common joke going around. But the person who allocates the frequency, Christiana Thorpe is expected to do it fairly or else the competition will prove to be counter productive and she will be blamed . Being a former nun she is expected to do things according to the will of God.

But who will win the race? Is it the old man Berewa or the so-called young men Koroma and Margai? July 2007 will tell.

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