Friday, March 23, 2007

World Bank: Recovering from years of conflict


After 11 years of brutal civil conflict, and five years of post-conflict recovery, Sierra Leone is consolidating its return to democratic rule and implementing a decentralization plan to empower locally elected district and town councils. International assistance was crucial to deliver some tangible benefits to the population to consolidate the peace and helped pave the way for reconstruction and public sector reforms.

Download 9-page brief:

Sierra Leone’s Recovery (PDF)


Q & A with Charles Mambu, Chairman of the Coalition of Civil Society and Human Rights Activists in Sierra Leone: There is a paradox. While many Sierra Leoneans grumble about their low purchasing power, “their chances of sending their children to school are increasing, their access to clean and safe drinking water in the rural areas is increasing, and other progress markers of the MDGs seem to be doing well generally”

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