Friday, March 16, 2007

New Helicopter Service


Inter City Air is a brand new helicopter service in Sierra Leone. Powered by UTair, one of the four largest helicopter operarors in the world. UTair has seven Mil-8 helicopters in S.L. (of 182 worldwide), 5 for the UN and 2 for commercial use (ICA). Our crews, hlicopters and maintenance are all supplied by UTair.

At all time we have the backup, expertise and experience behind us to help in any situation. For instance we are currently deciding whether to bring in a third crew and the moment we need them they will be in Sierra Leone in a matter of days. Every three months our crews get replaced by fresh employees, and company policy is for these crews to undergo refresher courses and retraining.

Concerning our helicopters, the two we are using at the moment has just been overhauled in South Africa and is according to international regulations is good to fly for 1800 hours, but Inter City / UTair will replace them with newly overhauled machines at 1500 hour intervals. In the coming elections we might make use of a third helicopter which we will send for.

ICAO has officially approved us and so has BA. IMATT,Red Cross, British High Commision, Special Courts, American Embassy, G4S, SLDC and various other organisations heve arleady made use of our service and will continue to do so as long as we keep our standards as high as they are at the moment and that will come naturally to us.